WrestleMania 35 ended with Becky Lynch scoring a pinfall on Ronda Rousey. This finish was actually botched and Rousey wasn’t happy about it. However, the former Raw Women’s Champion was also working the match with an injury.

Dave Meltzer explained on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE actually changed the finish around. Rousey was supposed to tap out initially, but plans changed as they are known to do when Vince McMahon is running things.

“This is what I know, at one point the finish was going to be a submission finish and there were a lot of people who were for it and a lot of people who were against it. In the end, the idea was a pinfall and not a submission.”

Ronda Rousey might not be back in WWE so it could make sense for her to submit on her way out. However, WWE stuck with the idea that Rousey wouldn’t submit as Meltzer equated it to a “Don Frye thing.”

It was said that not submitting might have been Rousey’s call, but it definitely seemed like it came from her camp. The idea of why they switched from a submission to a pinfall wasn’t made 100% clear, but he did say:

“I do know that a lot of people thought when it was submission that there was a lot of argument that it should not be a submission because Ronda Rousey shouldn’t submit because that’s too fake. So that was the feeling.”

Since Rousey never submitted in Judo or MMA they carried that on in WWE. You can argue this finish should have been different, but it won’t change WWE History.

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