WrestleMania Main Event Could Experience Weather Issues

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WWE is holding WrestleMania 35 in an outdoor stadium and there is always a risk of bad weather in a place like that. New Jersey is also rather unpredictable when it comes to bad weather as well.

WrestleMania is today and the weather is going to be okay for the most part. However, the partly cloudy weather is actually forecasted to turn into rain around 12:30 AM tonight.

If the WrestleMania main event really doesn’t start until around midnight as predicted this means that the winner of the big match could be holding up both titles in the rain. There is actually a very good possibility of this. Not only that, but fans could always decide to take off if it does start raining.

The ring will be under a canopy in MetLife Stadium, but that won’t save fans from getting wet if it rains.

Hopefully, the rain will stay away until the show of shows is over, but if WWE takes their time mother nature might not be able to wait before letting some rain fall on New Jersey.

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