Paul Heyman On Renee Young’s Reaction To Him Getting Way Too Close On WWE Television

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Renee Young and Paul Heyman have a great working relationship in WWE. They were both guests on Sports Media with Richard Deitsch recently where Brock Lesnar’s Advocate discussed the moment when Renee Young won him over in a big way.

Paul Heyman recalled an early interview that Renee Young did with him backstage on RAW where he asked her if she was flirting with him.

Heyman knew that as soon as they cut the camera off that Renee Young would be livid with him. She did not seem to mind it at all and this working relationship started to really take off from there.

“There is nothing off-limits as performers. There is nothing that she could do that would make me say, ‘Why would you put me in that position? I would go with any position that she would want to put me in because there’s just that authenticity when we work with each other and I noticed it the second or third time and I was blown away by it because I know I put her in the absolute worst position and she handled it with just the greatest amount of dignity when I desperately tried to put her in an undignified situation.”

“Then she gave me the heat I was seeking with that contempt in her eyes when the interview was over while still letting the audience know she was trying to hide it. It was just brilliant on her end.”

Renee Young said that she misses those moments and suggested that they do another interview for old time’s sake.

Young was a fantastic backstage interviewer, but now she is commentating on RAW every week so those moments with Heyman can’t happen anymore. It certainly left a big impression on Paul Heyman during their interactions.

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