Vince McMahon Could Break Up The Revival Following WrestleMania

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Vince McMahon likes to run WWE in his special way because he’s been doing it for decades without anyone telling him otherwise. The Revival might have caused McMahon to give them a focus and put the RAW Tag Team Titles on them, but that still doesn’t seem to be making the Top Guys happy.

Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins could very well be getting a great WrestleMania moment that could mean Hawkins breaking his losing streak would also make him 1/2 of the RAW Tag Team Champions. This could very well happen

Bryan Alvarez commented on Wrestling Observer Live that he thinks if The Revival are still giving McMahon a headache backstage that there is an easy way to deal with that tag team.

“You know what I think is honestly going to happen? I think that if they have annoyed Vince enough and he gave them the titles and they’re still bothering him. I think what he’s going to do is he’s going to break them up.”

Alvarez noted that at that point McMahon could book Dash and Dawson to compete at a low level on the card as singles competitors. They might appear on Main Event exclusively and “make them miserable until their contracts are up.”

Nothing is set in stone, but it might fit Vince McMahon’s track record.

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