WWE Raw Results – April 1, 2019

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Welcome to Ringside News’ coverage of the final episode of Monday Night Raw before WrestleMania!

Seeing as this is the final Raw before the big show, it’s set to be a pretty monumental one. First things first, Brock Lesnar returns for a last-minute run-in with Seth Rollins before the culmination of this lacklustre feud on Sunday. Then there’s Stephanie McMahon coming to Raw to make an announcement regarding the main event – seemingly to announce that both the SmackDown Live and Raw Women’s titles will be on the line.

Outside of the two big matches however, we’re also getting a Raw Tag Team Championship Match, the return of Batista to confront Triple H, Beth Phoenix’s first match in six years, and Roman Reigns seeking retribution. As we said, it’s a pretty hefty show for tonight, and there’s sure to be a long middle segment featuring Finn Balor and Bobby Lashley.

That’s the preview for tonight’s show. Remember to follow us on Instagram, download the Ringside News app, and enjoy the show!

Monday Night Raw

The final Raw on the Road to WrestleMania opens with Stephanie McMahon coming to the stage.

McMahon says she can’t believe we’re only six days from WrestleMania. She says this year’s event will be headlined by women. And it’s about to get even bigger right now as she includes a fourth woman in that match…herself!

Stephanie laughs and asks the booing crowd if they can’t take an April’s Fool Day joke. Stephanie turns serious and rhymes off the main event match before stating that this main event is getting bigger because both the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship and the Raw Women’s Championship will be on the line. This Sunday it will be winner takes all!

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman then make their way to the ring. Heyman introduces himself and the Universal Champion Lesnar, and says he will be doing the exact same announcement next Monday. He says last year Brock Lesnar stepped into the ring at WrestleMania and destroyed all of Roman Reigns’ dreams of becoming Universal Champion. And this year will be no different. He says this Sunday could very well be the last match of Seth Rollins’ career. So for the people out there who love Nascar for the crashes and NFL for the big hits, then tune-in this Sunday to see Brock decimate Seth Rollins and stand on is neck. Heyman says Rollins is an afterthought to Brock Lesnar but then the Kingslayer comes down to the ring.

Rollins grabs a microphone and paces around the ring. He says this is the biggest match of his carer this Sunday but it’s also the biggest of Lesnar’s career. Because after WrestleMania Brock won’t be able to just waltz around here like he owns the place. He says nobody wants Brock around; he doesn’t; the locker room doesn’t; and the fans are sick, sore, and tired of him. Brock laughs at Seth. Rollins tells him to laugh it up, saying Lesnar has made a lot of money and earned lots of success by simply being Brock Lesnar. And him beating Lesnar at WrestleMania is improbably but it is impossible. He tells Brock he will beat him and take his title and there’s not a damn thing he can do about it.

Again Lesnar laughs Rollins off and shoulders him as he walks past. Rollins turns Lesnar around and kicks him in the gnards! Seth tries to beat on Brock but the Champion scoops him up for a German suplex. Rollins low-blows Brock again before hitting a superkick and The Stomp! Rollins holds the Universal Championship up before throwing it onto Brock and leaving.

After the break, Beth Phoenix returns to the ring in 8-woman tag action!

*Commercial Break*

Back from the action and we get a replay of Seth and Brock brawling. Seth is shown walking backstage and Charly Caruso reminds him that he can’t win the title on Sunday if he low-blows Brock. Seth shrugs and says Brock had it coming.

Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Sasha Banks, & Bayley Vs. Nia Jax, Tamina, Peyton Royce, & Billie Kay

The match begins with Banks and Peyton Royce, who lock-up. Royce knees Banks and talks trash to her. Banks responds with an attempted springboard arm-drag that she botched. Banks then goes right back to the springboard arm-drag before tagging Bayley.

The Hugger literally just lifts Peyton Royce to her feet and tags Banks back in for a double-team move. Royce tags Kay and Sasha puts Billie in the corner and kicks her before tagging Nattie. After a suplex to Kay, Phoenix tags in and hits a double-arm drag with Natalya. Phoenix then lifts Kay high into the air with a wrist lock. Royce runs in to help Kay, prompting Banks and Bayley to come in. Phoenix, Natalya, Banks, and Bayley then get into each others faces and argue as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back from the break and Bayley is attacking Kay in the corner. Royce tags in and knocks Bayley out of the ring. Royce brings Bayley back into the ring for a two count. Kay tags back in for a double team move on Bayley. The Iconics pose together before Kay covers for a two count. Royce tags back in for another double team move. Royce continues to slow down the pace with stomps in the corner to Bayley.

Royce tries to tag Jax but she hops off the apron and avoids the tag. Tamina doesn’t want the tag either, so Kay yells at Snuka and Jax. Bayley drops Kay and begins to rally. Phoenix and Banks argue on the apron until Beth tags in on her own accord. She comes in hot and scoops Royce up and rams her into the corner. Phoenix knocks Kay off the apron. Beth hits Peyton with a slam and roars as the crowd cheer. Snuka pulls Beth out of the ring and she hits the apron hard on the way down. Phoenix knocks Snuka back before tackling her through the barricade!

The other women in the match are left speechless as Phoenix recovers and the fans cheer. Royce grabs Beth and throws her back into the ring. She lifts her up and slaps the face of the Hall of Famer. She slaps her two more times but then Phoenix grabs her arm. Phoenix lifts Royce and hits the Glam Slam for the win.

Winners: Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Sasha Banks, & Bayley

Banks and Bayley hold their titles up and stand face-to-face with Nattie and Beth.

Still to come, Aleister Black & Ricochet Vs. The Revival, and Charlotte, Ronda Rousey, and Becky Lynch teaming together. We see Batista, the hometown boy, arriving in an SUV and walking towards ringside.

*Commercial Break*

Back from the break and out comes The Animal, Batista. We see replays of last week when Triple H accepted the career-on-the-line stipulation. Batista gets into the ring and the lights go down like old times. The fans in DC chant for him and then he points to the Titantron, where we see a video of Batista destroying Triple H in multiple matches. After the video Batista looks dead into the camera and takes his glasses off before saying “Hunter, kiss my ass.” Batista drops the mic and leaves.

Still to come, Kurt Angle says farewell to Monday Night Raw. Angle was scheduled to face Rey Mysterio tonight but he is seemingly unable to do so physically.

*Commercial Break*

We see Elias standing outside Metlife Stadium. He says in six days he will have the performance of his life and there will be no interruptions. He name-checks Jay-Z, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and more, saying they’ve all played Metlife Stadium. And now it’s his turn. And that’s all anyone will be talking about when all is said and done.

Lumberjack Match

Apollo Crews Vs. Jinder Mahal

Every man in and around the ring will be a part of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale. Mahal kicks Crews and takes him down with a  headlock.

Crews fights out with a back suplex, followed by a dropkick and a flying clothesline. Crews goes to the top rope and hits a frog splash for the win.

Winner: Apollo crews

Apollo poses with the Andre trophy, then The B-Team, The Ascension and everybody else storms the ring and a big brawl breaks out. Everyone is knocked from the ring until we’re left with Jinder and Apollo again. Crews tosses both Singh brothers out and hits Jinder with an enziguiri.

We see Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio sitting together backstage. Angle will be out after the break and we’ll take a look at his twenty year career.

*Commercial Break*

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