WWE NXT Superstar Working For Booker T’s Indie Company

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Booker T is now a two-time WWE Hall Of Famer which gives him a certain amount of favor with the company. He currently owns and operates a wrestling promotion in Texas called Reality Of Wrestling and he will be getting a very special guest on April 13th.

ROW announced that NXT Superstar Kassius Ohno will be working their event in Texas City at the World Gym Arena. This will apparently be part of a “No Limits” 20-man elimination match.

WWE/NXT superstar Kassius Ohno is coming to Reality Of Wrestling on Sat, April 13th in Texas City at the #WorldGymArena.

You never know who will show up in the 20 Man “No Limits” Elimination Match!

Kassius Ohno was rumored to be leaving WWE in 2019, however, it looks like he is sticking around. Now he will get to represent the company in this respect working for Booker T’s company with other wrestlers including Ryan Davidson, Moonshine Mantell, Gino, Fatu, Mysterious Q, Green Machine, Terrale Tempo, Will Allday, and Van Harrison.

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