Titus O’Neil Tries To Shut Down Naomi’s Negativity

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Naomi might be the latest WWE Superstar to express unhappiness about how she is being used in the company. She likely won’t be the last either. In fact, a recent wave of unhappy Superstars have emerged now and the media is jumping on board with their support.

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion recently said that this frustration and overwhelming fan criticism is nothing new. She is just tired of hearing it, but she’s not shaken.

This is nothing new I’m just finally putting it on blast I’ve faced this type of adversity my entire career and I stare it right in the face! I’m not shaken shook or bothered …

Titus O’Neil tried to help out by saying that he loves her and that Naomi should continue being her. If other people don’t like it, then [explicitly deleted] them.

We will just have to see if this will help her put things into perspective. However, with the current trend of complaining Superstars you never know what could help any given situation.


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