Renee Young Gets Facial Piercing

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Renee Young has a face that is on television every week on WWE RAW, but now she will have a little bit of extra decoration. The RAW announcer recently took the plunge to get a nose ring and she is quite proud of it.

On Regular Girls, Young talked about going to get her new piercing and how scared she was. Husband Dean Ambrose was there as well and he was quite non-partial to her decision.

“I feel very cool. Very chic. So I was actually having a slight panic attack on my way over. I made Jon [Dean Ambrose] come with me. I’m like — ‘Am I doing the right thing?’ He’s like, ‘I don’t know.’ So I was like, ‘You know what? I want one. If I hate it, I’ll pull it out, but I become so obsessed with things it’s like, now I have to do it.”

“It’s been in my head for weeks. If I don’t do it I will not have fulfilled my destiny in this moment and my destiny is to have a nose ring.”

You can check out a pic of her below sporting her new piece of facial jewelry. Renee Young pulls it off and it’s not much of a stud, so it might not even be noticeable on RAW. At least she got it right before WrestleMania so it can be a part of history too.

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