WWE Preparing Big WrestleMania Main Event Change On RAW

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WrestleMania is a week away and WWE still seems to have changes up their sleeves for the show of shows. Charlotte Flair winning the SmackDown Women’s Title certainly threw fans for a loop and it will also apparently change the Mania main event as well.

Dave Meltzer discussed the current situation around the WrestleMania main event match during Wrestling Observer Radio. WWE has a very interesting stipulation planned that will be announced on RAW this week. We will just have to wait and see how it is received.

“Tomorrow night [on RAW] they’re going to announce — and I think it’s gonna be called ‘Winner Take All'”

“I think they like that term. Why don’t we call it a Texas tornado match? What I was told is they are going to announce the terms and all that. It looks maybe it will be Winner Take All. It’s the leading thing — we’ll put it this way, as of mid-week it was gonna be what I told you which was if Charlotte gets pinned the winner gets the SmackDown title. If Rousey gets pinned, the winner gets the RAW Title. If Becky Lynch gets pinned, what? No titles change hands — which isn’t gonna happen.”

“So basically, Becky Lynch is gonna win a championship. More likely than not unless they change their mind. Like I said, any of these things […] she’s not getting both belts, unless they change their mind.”

It looks like WWE is going to add an extra cherry on top of the already historic women’s main event at WrestleMania 35. This could be a confusing stipulation for the match, but it will also be pretty good for Lynch because if you’re going to think of the psychology behind it The Man won’t have as much of a target on her because she doesn’t have a title to lose.

If WWE goes for this stipulation it makes sense that both champions might gang up on Lynch to take her out so they can fight each other with a guaranteed title on the line. Lynch could always re-emerge later on, but this could make sense. Honestly, if WWE goes this direction it would just be another last-minute addition that fans should be expecting by now.

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