Batista’s Status For WWE RAW Next Week

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Batista made a big impression when he returned to WWE by beating up Ric Flair on his 70th birthday. The Nature Boy seems to be doing fine though because he recently released a couple of great commercials.

Next weeks’ RAW will be in Washington DC and it will be the last chance for Triple H and Batista to hype their on-going feud to the show of shows. DC is also Batista’s hometown which could make it very interesting to book him as a heel.

Batista is slated to be on RAW next week. Whether he will appear in front of the live crowd is another story. After all, WWE doesn’t need him getting a huge hometown pop. He could always pull a typical heel move and diss his hometown crowd to get heat, but this feud has been anything but typical so far.

We will have to wait and see what WWE is going to do in order to drive up more interest for WrestleMania. They only have one more shot to gain momentum and Batista will be there in some form or fashion.

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