Bray Wyatt Explains His & JoJo Offerman’s Baby Name

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Bray Wyatt is already a proud papa, but the upcoming baby he is having with JoJo Offerman will be her first. This was a big announcement and a very special time for them even if WWE no-sold Bray for being the daddy.

TMZ recently talked to Wyatt and asked him about this upcoming baby. They wanted to know why “Knash” was the name they went with and the Eater Of Worlds had a very great reply.

It’s just a cool name, man. The “K” is silent. My other kids have a “C” and a “K” in front of their names, so it’s just a continuation.

Baby Knash will be here in June. Some fans are just now hearing about Wyatt and JoJo’s relationship, but they have been together for quite a while. Now the two will be happy parents soon enough and Bray Wyatt can’t wait to teach baby Knash how to follow the buzzards.

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