The Jim Ross Report Recap – Women’s Main Event Not A One-Off, Talking With AEW, Why Kane Should Have Kept His Mask On, More!

He wonders what Andre would think about those two being involved in the match named after him. He points out that in years past a wrestler would give those guys a stiff chop or two to show them that this isn’t as easy as they might think.

Ross thinks Drew McIntyre is primed for a big year in WWE. He thinks McIntyre will have a Title by WrestleMania next year because he has everything McMahon looks for in a main event Superstar.

Ross thinks Kurt Angle’s retirement match needs to be a big deal at WrestleMania. He has heard some people speculate that McMahon is embarrassing Angle by having him face Baron Corbin for leaving for TNA years ago, but Ross thinks that’s a ridiculous thing to think.

Ross was shocked to see Charlotte pin Asuka for the Smackdown Women’s Title on Tuesday night. He notes that this had to be a last minute decision because the match wasn’t promoted at all. Maybe having Charlotte hold this Title adds more clout to the ‘Mania main event, but it makes him wonder if those in power in WWE realize just how big of a star Asuka is. He points out that if he was still working in Talent Relations in WWE he’d make sure to speak to Asuka about learning English.