The Jim Ross Report Recap – Women’s Main Event Not A One-Off, Talking With AEW, Why Kane Should Have Kept His Mask On, More!

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Ross opens today’s show by confirming that he is speaking with AEW. He notes that they’re a young company and he thinks he can help them either by calling matches or by working behind the scenes. He thinks there’ll be some resolution to their talks by next week. He adds that life is good, and when one door closes another opens.

Ross is intrigued by the first-ever Women’s main event at WrestleMania. He notes that if this motivates the guys or other women in the locker room to work harder then that’s a good thing. He adds that he didn’t really understand the “Beat the Clock Challenge” on television this week, and notes that there was no prize for the winner.

Ross thought Aleister Black and Ricochet had a great match with The Revival on RAW, but it’s unfortunate that it didn’t mean anything. Black and Ricochet defeating the Tag Team Champions – who aren’t over – does them little good moving forward.

Ross notes that Michael Che and Colin Jost being involved in WrestleMania helps get media attention from the outlets that were going to cover it anyways. Other than that he’s not sure how big of a story this is.

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