Mustafa Ali’s name is now just Ali. He was the latest Superstar to get his name changed and shortened by WWE, but then he didn’t even get to try out his new name on SmackDown Live this week.

Dave Meltzer commented about this name change during Wrestling Observer Radio where he proposed why WWE made this change. Apparently, Vince McMahon could have just been thinking that his first name was getting in the way of the fans supporting him.

“It’s like you know someone made a call. They think Mustafa will keep him from getting over probably.”

The question was asked if Ali’s former name was too close to the name “Mufasa” which is the name from the Lion King. Meltzer commented back saying, “I don’t think Vince knows about the Lion King. I think maybe he doesn’t like the name Mustafa as a babyface I’m gonna guess. Who knows.”


Nobody knows why WWE makes this kind of decision, but it is certainly interesting when they do go this direction. At least they were able to make this change before putting out a line of merchandise for Ali.

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