Top Current Merchandise Seller In WWE Revealed

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WWE Superstars can make a ton of cash off of their merchandise royalties. Therefore, it stands to reason why a Superstar would want to be on top of that pile. Obviously, some are going to sell more than others for a variety of reasons.

Brad Shepard recently dispelled a rumor in the IWC that Becky Lynch is the current top merchandise seller in WWE during Oh, You Didn’t Know. She might be the most-bought on the women’s roster, but it’s not the top number in the entire company.

“There has been a lot of speculation online about who the top merchandise seller is. A lot of people — including some wrestling journalists and I’ll just leave it at that — and I’m here to clarify who exactly is the top merchandise seller in WWE […] Roman Reigns.”

“It is Roman Reigns and I’m told his black and orange line is selling ‘very strong.'”

It stands to reason why Roman Reigns would be selling so much merchandise. Since his return from his medical hiatus, Roman has only released one style of t-shirt and people are going to want it.

Shepard further said that Becky Lynch is in the “top 5.”

We have to imagine that The Man is selling a lot of merch too as she rolls into WrestleMania, but it’s apparently nothing compared to the Big Dog.

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