Lacey Evans is the Lady Of WWE and she will not stop until she has taught everyone what it means to be classy. Apparently, she thinks that Becky Lynch needs some pointers.

During a conversation with Chasing Glory, Evans showed big disapproval of Becky Lynch for calling herself “The Man.” Evans does not see the value in this as she thinks Lynch is saying that being a woman is not good enough.

“The values behind what a lady is capable of? You don’t have to be ‘The Man’ to be successful or show that you are a bad son-of-a-gun. I can put on a dress, wear high heels, and still kick your ass. I hope that it is a challenge to Becky Lynch. Women have come so far: the WWE Evolution, the Mae Young Classic, and you mean to tell me that you are now going to call yourself ‘The Man’? Is ‘The Woman’ not good enough? Have we not proven what we are capable of?

“One of the biggest things with this character is that I want to show the world that you can [easily] make a pie just as good as you can fire a weapon, and you can get the job done in a pair of heels just as you can do in a pair of heels. Women are that bad ass, that we can conduct ourselves with class, and confidence, and sophistication, and we can be beautiful. We can make sandwiches and we can still kick your ass. That is why I chose this character, because it’s feminine beauty and bad assery. There is nothing we can’t do. That is why women are unstoppable and I want my baby to know it. I am going to show you what we are capable of and we can do it with class.”

Lacey Evans is just getting started in WWE. Vince McMahon apparently sees big things in her so this shot at The Man might just be the start of something more. We will have to wait and see, but Lacey Evans is set to prove that there is nothing that women can’t do, no matter if Becky Lynch insists on calling herself a man or not.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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