Alberto Del Rio recently said that he has an open door to make WWE return and finish out his career under their banner. He seemed quite confident about this fact too, however, that doesn’t appear to be the case if you ask WWE.

Fightful reports that multiple sources within WWE have confirmed that the company has no interest in bringing back the former WWE Champion. This might come as a shock to some, but it won’t surprise those who understand Alberto’s recent track record.

Del Rio has made a wealth of poor impressions on any number of wrestlers, staff and management in WWE, and his no-show issues last year aren’t lost on the company either.

It was also said that the company wouldn’t risk having Alberto around because of how uncomfortable of a situation it might create for Paige. The two dated for a while and it did not end well at all.


It is reported that this isn’t a situation where anyone is actively trying to sandbag Alberto’s chances of coming back to the company either. It is simply a case of WWE realizing that the negative risks greatly outweigh any positive in this situation.

There is said to be no bad blood, but there are some bad impressions that Alberto Del Rio hasn’t “worked to repair.” Anything can happen in WWE, but it was said that if he does come back then “something would have to go horribly wrong.”

Harry Kettle

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