WWE’s partnership with Saudi Arabia is a 10-year deal and it will see the company going to KSA at least twice a year for a big event for the next decade. We are just in the second year of the deal and there is no shortage of controversy. Saudi Arabia has its own reasons for doing this, but the overriding reason for WWE is the cash involved.

Brandon Howard Thurston has provided a comprehensive spreadsheet of exactly how much WWE is pulling in from their Saudi Arabian interests. As it is matched up alongside other WWE programming, the difference is quite dramatic.

A reminder WWE likely received well over $53 million in 2018 from the Saudi government in the first year of its 10-year deal to hold wrestling events.

There are a couple of facts in this report regarding WWE’s financials that are quite interesting. For instance, years ago WWE’s home video division was churning out a dozen special edition box DVD sets a year and fans were buying them all. Now the home entertainment portion is barely a blip on the radar, especially considering WWE’s financial interests with the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.


You can check out a spreadsheet of WWE’s financials below or click here to view it yourself.

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