Renee Young is the first-ever full-time female announcer on WWE Raw which is a historic accomplishment. Reports came out that WWE might be looking to move Renee Young out of the role, and apparently, she’s getting weekly tips.

Young revealed on Regular Girls that she has weekly coaching sessions with other WWE announcers. During these meetings, they will “dissect” her performance and give her suggestions. Apparently, they’re now telling her that she doesn’t need to talk as much.

“So I’ve been working each week, I worked with Tom Phillips, this week I worked with Vic Joseph, but we’ll go back and watch — listen to my commentary on Raw or on a pay-per-view or whatever and like dissect it, they’ll give me pointers, etc, etc it’s extremely beneficial to me.”

“But yeah, that was kinda the note where they’re like ‘You don’t have to talk as much as you think you need to talk. Maybe just sit back and listen a little bit.’ I was like, ‘Okay.'”


Renee Young said that just sitting back and listening is no easy task for her. She is so used to being in control or spearheading conversation that sound bites are apparently, still giving her issues. Hopefully, Renee Young can take the direction WWE is giving her because WWE has been forced to change up their commentary team before.

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