Nikki Cross is living her dream as a WWE Superstar, but she had to go through a big adjustment process before her pro wrestling journey even started. She recently opened up and revealed a lot about her past and what she had to endure before we all knew her as a Twisted Sister.

Cross put out a lengthy message on social media discussing how hard it was for her growing up in Glasgow. She was an outsider in many ways, but she learned to love and appreciate everything she had inside of her. Thankfully, there were positive influences along the way to help her out because there were some pretty dark times for her at an early age.

“When I was growing up, I always wished I looked like this person or that person, had this or that, weight this or that. I wished my nose was straigher, wished my teeth were perfect, I looked in the mirror and wished I was prettier, or smarter or funnier.”

“I was called ugly, or greasy at school. I remember being 13 and sitting alone crying in my room, not wanting to go to school the next day, thinking of ways to get out of it.”


“Now, as a 29-year-old woman, all I want to do is go to that 13-year-old crying in her small room in Glasgow, give her a hug, tell her that it all turns out ok and that she will learn to embrace every part of herself, and love it.”

“I want to tell her that she will encounter some amazing women and men who will support her and make her feel like she’s ten-feet-tall. But most importantly she will make herself feel that way. She will know her worth. I hope you all feel your own worth today and every day.”

This was a pretty emotional and personal story for Nikki Cross to tell. We can only hope that others will be inspired by her words. It also goes to show how intelligent Cross is and she has the ability to say way more than “Nikki wants to play.”

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