Zack Ryder loves his WWE history, especially action figures. He currently has a Major Wrestling Figure podcast with Curt Hawkins where that is all they talk about. Ryder also has a disposable income as a WWE Superstar and he can afford to spend some considerable cash on his hobby.

During a recent Not Sam Wrestling/ Major Wrestling Figure live show at Carolines, Zack Ryder disclosed how much he really spends on his favorite toys.

“I bought a huge lot from an ex Hasbro employee, I paid a lot of money for the lot, but I kept what I wanted and sold the rest — so I broke even and that doesn’t count […] for the lot… keep in mind that I kept what I wanted and sold the rest, so I made out on the deal. no, I did… $43,000.”

Zack Ryder swears that he only kept a few action figures and sold the rest. He said that buyers were already lined up and he made his money back. Ryder still spent enough to put a down payment on home on action figures.


Sam Roberts asked Zack Ryder how much WWE pays him to sit in catering. Then Ryder disclosed the most he ever spent on a single action figure and spoiler alert: it is a lot of money.

“I bought a moon-belly Kamala MOC for $11,000. But it’s Kamala! With the moon!”

That is a massive amount of funds to drop on a toy. However, Hasbro stopped making the moon belly for Kamala without any real publicized reason and replaced it with a star. So the moon on the belly is extremely rare. Apparently, it’s worth $11,000 to Zack Ryder.

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