Braun Strowman was not too happy to see Saturday Night Live Weekend Update hosts Colin Jost or Michael Che on RAW this week. This was amplified by the fact that Jost asked Braun if wrestling is real on live WWE television. Of course, this was also after they did a bit where Jost named off his favorite WWE Superstars and all of them are no longer working.

This was a parody from a famous news segment when John Stossel asked Dr. D if wrestling was fake back in the day. That segment was not planned so Stossel got knocked out with a hard slap to the face. You can see that footage below so you can compare the two.

Since WWE RAW is much safer and SNL wouldn’t appreciate Braun Strowman breaking Colin Jost’s jaw with an open-handed slap he went for a choke against the wall. Then RAW cut to commercial. Apparently, Strowman’s grip is weak or Jost’s neck is superhuman. Either way, Colin appeared to only be shaken up by the experience when they came back from commercial and he was still being held against a wall by The Monster Among Men.

Braun Strowman reacted to a picture that Scott Armstrong put up about the incident by saying: “Maybe he learned some manners!!!!” Maybe Jost did, but it didn’t stop the seed from being planted on live television that WWE is fake and the biggest Superstars have long since retired.

Felix Upton

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