Ronda Rousey was having a great time on Raw as she teamed with Natlaya. She revealed on a recent YouTube vlog why she took the actions she did after Becky Lynch invaded the show to put an abrupt stop to their match.

“She hadn’t been tweeting for a couple f*cking hours, so she had to have been up to something,” Rousey said of Becky Lynch while laughing. “Just kidding, she was probably tweeting in the hallway on the way in.”

Then Ronda Rousey addressed the segment of the show that is most notable and could go on to shape WrestleMania’s main event in the biggest way. After Becky Lynch was arrested on Raw, Ronda Rousey demanded that The Man be put back in the WrestleMania main event. She was denied this request by Stephanie McMahon so Rousey laid her title down and walked away.

“The thing is I love this job, I really love this job. I don’t need it at all. Not in the least little bit. So the second I’m not happy I reserve the right to walk out the door and live happily ever after with the love of my life.”


“The Authority as they are called in this company are used to bullying everyone around and like I said they give them just enough to give them like to live a lavish lifestyle, but still have to come back and I don’t.”

This is a very interesting turn of events. Ronda Rousey doesn’t need WWE and she made it very clear in her promo. With hiatus from the company being very possible following WrestleMania 35, this could be the beginning of Ronda Rousey’s eventual exit from the company.

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