WWE Plans To Slowly End Brand Split — For The Women

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WWE has two main roster television shows, but they can’t seem to secure much of an audience and it is slowly dwindling as the weeks go by. Now it seems like WWE might be doing something to combat at least one issue they have.

There are not many females on the main roster. When you take into account the brand split you are not left with that many on each roster. Now with the inclusion of the Women’s Tag Team Titles in WWE it seems even harder to have a tag team division with eleven people.

Wrestle Votes reports that WWE is planning to slowly shift their Women’s Division into crossing over between rosters. The plan is for the Women’s Tag Team Titles to be floating, but don’t expect to see it every week.

“Source: the Women’s division roster is slowly going to be crossing over more between both shows. 

The plan is to have the Women’s Tag Team Champions appear on both brands initially, however, not on a weekly basis.”

We will have to wait and see how WWE books this one. It might mean that fans seeing a RAW house show on Tuesday shouldn’t expect to see the Women’s Tag Team Champions because they will be on SmackDown. Things could get interesting as WWE continues to change things on an almost weekly basis at this point.

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