All Elite Wrestling wants to put on the best product possible. This means that they are looking at how good a wrestler is. This has nothing to do with what anybody does in the bedroom. This didn’t occur to Cody Rhodes until it was brought to his attention.

Some fans have gone off a little bit about the inclusion of some members of the LGBT as a part of Double Or Nothing. For example, Sonny Kiss is a great pro wrestler and he is gay. AEW only cares that he is a great pro wrestler.

One fan commented praising AEW for including LGBT wrestlers and it piqued Cody’s interest.

“@TheBrandiRhodes and @CodyRhodes I’m super appreciative of you guys showcasing trans &queer wrestlers. It’s equally important for you guys to address the rampant homophobia in some of your fanbase w/ a lot of these comments. A message showcasing your disapproval goes a long way.”


When Cody Rhodes heard about this heat and he had to reply.

“We are promoting matches that’s causing this apparent debate (which I admittedly have not seen and instead have seen only excitement/happiness). The stand is in standing by those matches. Why would we signal boost hatred? Wrestling is for everybody and not everything is a scandal.”

It is not AEW’s intention to cause an uproar or make anyone feel “unsafe,” therefore Rhodes also said that All Elite Wrestling will be putting together a public address concerning this matter.

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