WWE SmackDown Live Results – February 12th, 2019

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McMiz TV

The Miz and Shane McMahon made their way to the ring before they cut to commercial. They will have The Usos as their guests.

Before McMiz TV started, they played a pretty heartbreaking cell phone video promo from Mustafa Ali where he was getting snowed on while talking about not being able to compete in the EC.

Then they started McMiz TV. They worked on this one for a bit because they really are starting to play off of each other very well.

Then they brought The Usos out and they were wearing their new shirts. Then they accused McMiz for trying to be like them. They were being heels.

Then The Miz and Shane McMahon started playing to the Toledo crowd big time. The Miz brought up Mandy Rose to Jimmy and Shane told Jey is was going to hit him so hard his twin will feel it.

Then The Usos took over and railed on them verbally. They did a mic drop and McMahon and The Miz raised their titles in front of them. Then the crowd started chanting “Usos” before they hit McMiz with dueling Superkicks.

Wouldn’t it be really fun to see The Usos face another team that uses a lot of Superkicks?

Daniel Bryan Promo

Bryan came out and Toledo didn’t love him as much as Washington State. He called the crowd fickle and said they need him to show people how to live their pathetic lives. He said they need him as WWE Champion.

Then The New Day interrupted Daniel. Kofi joined the match so the gauntlet match will start with Daniel and Kofi.

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