Why WWE Turned Dean Ambrose Babyface Again

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Dean Ambrose is not sticking around WWE after his current contract is over. This was such a certainty that WWE made an announcement on the matter which is something they never do. Ambrose was a heel, but this week on RAW, he switched back over to being a good guy seemingly out of nowhere.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that when word gets out about a Superstar leaving WWE fans will usually turn on whoever it is. That has not been the case with Ambrose.

“One of the things they did to get ahead of the story was announce that Dean Ambrose was leaving. So then what happens at all the shows is people start cheering Dean Ambrose for wanting to leave which is really weird.”

Therefore, WWE figured that if fans are going to cheer Dean Ambrose they might as well turn him babyface again. Ambrose wished Seth Rollins good luck in his WrestleMania match and then he worked as a good guy against EC3 and won. In the end, it is really hard to explain.

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