How AEW Came Up With Double Or Nothing Name

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All Elite Wrestling’s next show will be Double Or Nothing on May 25th. However, the legend for the first ALL IN event dates back to a $1 bet made between Dave Meltzer and Cody Rhodes that an indie wrestling show couldn’t fill a 10,000 seat venue. This is a bet that is apparently still going.

Meltzer said during Wrestling Observer Radio that All Elite Wrestling’s Double Or Nothing event got its name in a very interesting way. According to Dave it all stems from the running wager he has going with Cody.

“So the Cow Palace, this is when tickets weren’t doing so well right off the bat and Cody was really confident in him and Kenny Omega so he wanted to bet me a dollar double or nothing for the Cow Palace show over it doing 9,000 paid and knew it wasn’t going to do 9,000 paid. It ended up doing a little over 6 paid and about 7 in the building.”

“So I told him, ‘No,’ I didn’t want to win that one. So I guess this show is Double Or Nothing. So I haven’t actually talked to him that it’s another $1 bet, but they’re hoping for 14,000 people.”

Dave Meltzer is close with The Elite. Therefore, it’s really no surprise that he would be very influential in their business. It turns out that apparently Double Or Nothing is just another bet between Cody Rhodes and Meltzer as AEW kicks off their first show at the same time.

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