Killian Dain Could Have Major Backstage Heat In WWE

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SaNITy had some great teasers before arriving on the WWE main roster to hype their debut. However, nothing seemed to materialize for them once WWE brought Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, and Killian Dain to SmackDown Live.

Killian Dain recently wondered where SaNITy has been in a very open forum. This tweet was viewed as voicing frustration about the former NXT Tag Team Champions’ position in WWE.

Now Killian Dain is tweeting from home and he hinted that it might be due to something he said.

“Last night my tag partners where with Smackdown in Vancouver and my wife with Raw in Regina. Whereas I’m….at home.

Was it something I said?”

If WWE isn’t sending someone on the road due to something they said then they are probably sending a message to that talent. Dain’s tweet to bring attention to this fact might not be the best move, but only time will tell when we will see SaNITy again.

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