WWE did something very interesting to handle to reports that Dean Ambrose has no intention of re-signing a contract with the company. They put out a release to address it head-on.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that this threw some people for a loop because it is unlike WWE to do something like this. Therefore, people thought it was a work even though it’s not.

“They released it on their website which immediately made people think it is a work. As far as I know it’s not. I know some of their talent thinks it’s a work because they put it on the website.”

“Some talent knew last night, but most didn’t. Last night when I was trying to confirm it with people they didn’t know. I know that on the creative team and maybe the top guys in the creative team knew, but most of the guys had no idea.”

“They had no idea this stuff was being scripted to you know humiliate him or bury him on the way out or whatever it is.”

Meltzer continued saying that WWE has been trying some weird storylines, but as far as he can tell Dean Ambrose’s exit from WWE is legit.

Ambrose was unhappy in WWE and he turned down a five-year contract worth a million dollars a year (even though he would get more with bonuses and royalties). It doesn’t make it any less surprising that WWE would make such a public statement regarding a top Superstar’s release.

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