WWE’s Plan For NXT Superstar Following Royal Rumble

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The Women’s Royal Rumble match lasted seventy-one minutes which is an incredibly long time for any match. Some fans might not remember that Xia Li made her Royal Rumble debut during that contest, but it happened.

Dave Meltzer discussed WWE’s plan for Li during Wrestling Observer Radio where it appears that she will have a distinguished title from this point on.

“So the idea with Xia li is that they will always refer to her as the first Chinese wrestler in WWE History after this match. So I guess that is the idea.”

The Chinese market is a huge one and WWE would love to have their money. They have their own professional wrestling companies, but touring China is always a priority when they can make it happen.

Perhaps pushing Xia Li as the first Chinese WWE Superstar will create a lot of interest in their WWE China Universe fans. However, she really isn’t the first Chinese Superstar, just the first woman. Either way, it is very likely that WWE will keep promoting this accomplishment for Li.


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