Rusev Thanks Aiden English For All Of His Help

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Rusev really owes a lot to his union with Aiden English. The singing pro wrestler who is now a full-time commentator on 205 Live did him a world of favors and helped create Rusev Day in many ways.

The Bulgarian Brute just got around to watching the episode of WWE 24 that aired after the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. This documented the road to last year’s WrestleMania event.

Rusev was blown away by the special and had to thank his wife Lana and former partner Aiden English to break kayfabe for a moment.

“Watching WWE24 blew my mind. Thank you @WWEDramaKing thank you @LanaWWE”

It is great that Rusev got around to seeing this great documentary special. It featured a lot of key moments including Brock Lesnar heaving his Universal Title at Vince McMahon. Now Rusev can get back to training, traveling, and trolling fans to his liking.

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