Kofi Kingston On WWE Veterans Mistreating Newer Superstars

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Kofi Kingston is entering his thirteenth year as a WWE Superstar and he is still on a profitable run as part of The New Day. Whether they are the champions or not is a moot point because the three are still incredibly popular.

Kingston spoke to Busted Open Radio about his career and how the atmosphere backstage has changed in WWE since his own arrival. Right now there seems to be a sense of togetherness whereas before Kingston said there were some veterans who liked to make sure newer Superstars were aware that they didn’t belong in WWE.

“I think it’s very good, you know what I’m saying? There’s a lot of comradery. I feel like when I was first coming up I was lucky to have a lot of people to take me under their wing, but there were a lot of people… not that they got excommunicated, but it was a lot more difficult I guess to get in the good graces of the veterans and the people who had been there for a while and rightfully so.”

“I feel like a lot of times and obviously, [Mark Henry] was not one of those people and like I said everyone was cool with me, but I feel like that some people in the locker room often times would go out of your way to say that you don’t belong. You know what I mean? Or not wanna help people rise, you know?”

“To me that hurts the business in general because if I’m not helping you then you’re not getting better or it’s taking you longer to get better then all of a sudden the business is not getting better so I’ve always been of the mind to reach the hand out and help people.”

Perhaps Kofi’s willingness to help new talent was one of the contributing factors to The New Day’s success. Both Big E and Xavier Woods were not on veteran levels at all when the stable first formed.

Kingston said the atmosphere in the locker room has a much better feeling of being on a team than before. The idea that someone needs to pay their dues will probably always be a part of the professional wrestling business, but it seems like there isn’t as much of a backbiting feeling among some of the upper-tier talents like there once was.

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