WWE Wants To Move Dolph Ziggler Into Producer Role

Dolph Ziggler’s WWE status has a lot of question attached to it right now. The rumor mill is churning hard concerning The Show Off as fans wonder what he will do next. His budding stand-up comedy career and lack of time on television have only fueled those fires.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that WWE wants to move Ziggler into a backstage producer role with the company. He signed a new deal last year, but there is talk of making this change.

“He signed a new contract last year and there is talk they want to take him out of the ring and make him a producer, and he’s been off television the past few weeks.”

We will have to wait and see what Ziggler’s next move is. He could obviously help out tremendously in a producer position. His 15-year career in WWE has brought several show stealing performances and he knows psychology very well. Therefore, his mind for the business could be greatly utilized in that role.