WWE RAW Cut Feed Due To Sasha Banks Wardrobe Malfunction

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If you were watching RAW this week and noticed that the screen went black during the main event, you are not alone. This happened for a ton of people, but for the few who saw the live feed, they witnessed a pretty epic wardrobe malfunction from Sasha Banks.

This is an ironic incident considering that Banks’ husband Sarath Ton creates WWE ring gear. The Boss’ tights fell down during her main event tag team match, but she pulled them right up.

You can see the malfunction in the clip below. Banks had something on under her tights, but it was very sheer material. WWE still made the decision to cut the video for a few seconds because they tape RAW live with a small delay.

It’s great that WWE has safety measures in place in case something like this happens. It still might be a great idea for Banks to make sure this never happens again.

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