Kenny Omega’s WWE Royal Rumble Status Is Quite Clear

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All signs seem to point toward Kenny Omega going to All Elite Wrestling. Nothing is official because it can’t be yet. Omega might be leaving NJPW, but he can’t legally sign with another company yet. That includes this Sunday at the Royal Rumble.

Nick Jackson posted a screenshot of a conversation he had with a fan asking about Kenny Omega making a surprise Royal Rumble appearance. He was quite clear with his reply to put it into perspective for any fan still wondering if Omega will be there in Phoenix.

“He specifically told me if you randomly messaged me I should tell you. So here it is…. Yes he will be there to breach his contract and illegally wrestle for another company.”

No matter where Omega goes next, he is not going to be allowed to wrestle anywhere until his New Japan Pro Wrestling contract ends. It is said that his contract is up at the end of January or the first week of April. Either way, with the Royal Rumble being this Sunday, Kenny Omega wouldn’t be legally allowed to work the event even if he decided WWE over All Elite Wrestling.

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