Maria Kanellis Responds To Reports Saying She Asked For WWE Release

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WWE is the place where a lot of wrestlers want to be, but sometimes it’s not so great being on top of the mountain. We have heard about a few WWE Superstars recently who would like out of their contracts, now Maria Kanellis is speaking her piece on the situation.

Mike Kanellis and Maria Kanellis asked for their WWE release yesterday as reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet. This news broke a little bit after broke news about The Revival asking for a release as well. It’s important to remember that even though they asked for a release doesn’t mean WWE will grant them.

Maria Kanellis was very happy to see herself as a downloadable character in the new WWE 2K19 video game. However, one fan had to chime in and ask whey she’s so excited about being in the game if she requested her release.

“Everyone thinks they know everything. Hahahahaha…. it’s social media not an autobiography.”

It seems like she is sticking with the story that you can’t believe everything you read. However, we’re pretty sure that this reply is the safest thing she could have said.

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