Fans Are Still Not Sticking Around For WWE 205 Live

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AJ Styles has a lot of talents. Not only is he a great wrestler and held the WWE Championship for much of 2018, but he can also pull off a pretty spot-on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin impression.

However, not much of the crowd was around to watch AJ Styles get on the microphone to give a little bit of Stone Cold in Birmingham. Because this took place after 205 Live and most people had already gone home.

As you can see from the video below, a ton of seats were open and people were already on their way home by the time 205 Live wrapped up. This isn’t a good sign for 205 Live because it is the first week they’ve been live in a very long time.

205 Live even saw an exciting debut during their show, but yet again, much of the crowd left after SmackDown Live.

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