It’s time for SmackDown Live and Ringside News’ live coverage of the show. Don’t forget to keep refreshing and we’ll bring you the action as it happen.

The Royal Rumble is coming up soon and there are plenty of announcements to be made and some matches to be booked. It seems that we know about a couple of segments, but RAW was pretty surprising last night so SmackDown Live could deliver some good segments and new faces as well.

Here is a list of what to expect on tonight’s show and don’t forget to check back at 8:00 PM when the live coverage kicks off here at Ringside News.

  • Rey Mysterio vs Andrade “Cien” Almas
  • The Miz throwing Shane McMahon “The Best Birthday Bash in the World”
  • Carmella vs Sonya Deville
  • Becky Lynch’s message to Asuka following her #1 Contender Match win
  • Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles continue their feud

Opening Segment

Becky showed up in her SUV and then Kayla Braxton asked her backstage in the parking garage if she’s ready for Asuka. Becky said she thinks she knows the answers and then said she’ll answer in the ring.

She walked past New Day and Heavy Machinery putting everything they could in a blender. Then Otis drank it while The New Day looked very grossed out. They didn’t want a sip, but Becky Lynch did. She said it’s a little weak and walked off.

Becky Lynch walked right into the arena and Birmingham Alabama was happy to see her. She said being The Man is easy until you try it and everyone is trying to be a badass like her ever since she broke through.

Then Lynch said Asuka is finding out how hard leading the division really is. She said there are people who say she’s hype, but she delivers on everything she says every single time. She was receiving applause breaks in-between everything she said.

Asuka came out to cut The Man off and she said that Lynch likes hype. She’s like a bee with no sting. She said after the Royal Rumble she will not be Charlotte’s shadow, she will be in her’s.

Then the IIconics walked out and posed before talking some trash. Billie said Asuka shouldn’t behave like this as champion and then Peyton said Becky is bad too. Billie called Lynch “bossy Becky.” Then they said it doesn’t matter if Becky or Asuka win their match because the IIconics will win the Royal Rumble and become the first-ever Women’s Tag Team Champions and then they’ll make WrestleMania IIconic.

Becky told Asuka that she’ll show her what all the buzz is about and dared either Peyton or Billie to a match.

Becky Lynch vs Peyton Royce

This was not a good thing for Royce. She got hit in the throat with a chop right off the bad. Becky was wrestling in jeans and a The Man cut-off t-shirt by the way.

This was a bit of a squash as Askua sat in an office chair at ringside clutching her title. Lacey Evans was show backstage watching on a monitor while enjoying an iced tea like a classy lady. She didn’t look impressed.

Peyton got a little offense in with some clubbing blows and then she kicked her down in the corner a little, but Lynch quickly fired back. Lynch ate a clothesline in the corner as Billie Kay mocked Lynch.

Royce latched on a headlock and then Lynch got some “Becky” chants. Then she muscled up and hit a second rope dive on Peyton for a two count. Royce went outside and Billie checked on her. Lynch walked around the ring and Peyton hit a kick to blindside her. Then Becky got beat down a bit during the commercial break.

Lynch fought back as well, but they didn’t end the match while the picture-in-picture showed commercials and SD Live on the same screen.

When the show came back from commercial, Royce had Lynch in a submission/rest hold and Lacey Evans was watching again backstage while she enjoyed an iced tea like a classy lady.

Isn’t she classy?

Royce started to get the upperhand in their match, and then she ended up in the Disarm Her and Peyton tapped out.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Asuka got on the ring apron and then into the ring. She started yelling in Japanese and it was awesome. That’s what she needed to do the entire time. She was angry and you knew it.

The IIconics tried to leave, but Asuka ran after Billie Kay and dragged her into the ring. Suddenly, the bell rang.

Asuka vs Billie Kay

Asuka murdered Billy Kay with a hip attack, sliding knee, and then her own version of the Disarm Her. Then she got on the Asuka Lock and Billie tapped out.

Winner: Asuka

There was a tense stare-down between Asuka and Becky Lynch. Suddenly, AJ Styles’ music hit and he came out. This show was moving quickly.

AJ Styles went walking down and went right past the ring. Then he turned and started walking up the crowd while his music kept playing. Then Styles walked all the way up the crowd and up into the back of the arena in the skybox area.

They said we’ll know what he’s up to when we come back from commercial. I would hope so.

Styles was at the concession stand and everyone was cheering for him. He said he’s the concession stand just like Daniel Bryan was last week. He was rallying them up as they chanted “AJ.” He said people eat what they want because they spent their hard-earned money to be there.

Then he said he’s going to kick Daniel Bryan’s ass at the Royal Rumble before throwing free AJ Styles merch to the crowd. Thankfully, he didn’t throw the hot dogs.

Suddenly, Daniel Bryan ambushed him wearing a black hoodie and Styles put Bryan through the hot dog table. So how Bryan was covered in mustard and relish. Yum.

Backstage Segment

The Usos were doing a photo shoot and then someone said there was a gift for him. Jey read the note to Jimmy and it was a love note from Mandy. The box had a key to a hotel room. Jey asked Uce what he was going to do.

Zelina Vega and Andrade Cien Almas cut a promo about the match with Rey Mysterio. Andrade did some talking too and he said times have changed and now he’s the future. Zelina said in that future Almas beats Rey and wins the Royal Rumble and goes on to win at WrestleMania.

Samoa Joe vs Mustafa Ali

Joe didn’t wait for the bell and jumped Ali before he took his glowing mask off. He demolished him on the outside and then flung Mustafa against a ring post. Referees swarmed around Ali and then Joe picked him up to hit him with more damage.

He left Ali laying there. So this match didn’t happen.

Winner: Nobody because Mustafa Ali was murdered

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville were backstage. Deville asked Rose if she was sure that she wanted to give Jimmy her hotel room. Mandy said she wanted to break up their marriage. Then she left after saying, “If you’ll excuse me, I have a date.”

Rey Mysterio was shown walking backstage and Nikki Cross was on the other side of a fence shaking it and asking him if he wanted to play. He smiled but wisely kept walking.

Backstage Joe was asked what provoked him to attack Mustafa Ali. Joe said that was a statement because he’s entering his first Royal Rumble match soon and he’s winning it. He sounded serious saying everyone is a target.

Rey Mysterio vs Andrade Cien Almas

These two started off with some quick offense and the speed really didn’t stop. They pulled off a couple of sequences flawlessly moving from one to the next.

Rey slowed things down with a headlock and Andrade got up and pulled Rey’s mask over his eyes. Mysterio fixed it and whipped him off the ropes only to get taken down by Almas.

Andrade locked Rey’s arm and bounced him off of the top rope but held on to take him back down. Almas continued to focus on Rey’s arm as 6-1-9 chants started.

Mysterio hit a head scissors and sent Almas out of the ring. Almas came back in and Almas avoided a 6-1-9. Rey reversed out of a DDT and then got a quick two count followed by one for Almas. They were at a stalemate.

Mysterio landed a lick and then jumped on Andrade’s shoulders. The two went over the top rope, but Rey held on. Then Andrade hit a powerbomb on the outside. That was pretty awesome.

Andrade and Rey continued to wrestle at a break-neck pace. Andrade caught Rey, by Mysterio turned it into a DDT for a two count. The crowd was really getting into this match.

Mysterio went running at Almas and he got thrown into the turnbuckle. Almas hit a running double knees in the corner for a two count.

Mysterio created an opening for himself and climbed to the top rope. Then Almas pulled him down and hung him up on the turnbuckle. Almas chopped Rey and then climbed up to the top rope and Mysterio pushed him onto the apron.

Then Rey climbed up and hit a rana from the top rope to the apron and they both went to the floor.

“This is awesome,” chants broke out as Mysterio climbed up to the top rope and hit a seated senton to the floor on Almas.

They returned to the ring and Rey went up top, but Almas hit a dropkick on Mysterio as he jumped down. The two laid there for a bit because they were spent and it was the commercial break.

They traded some shots on their knees and made their way to their feet. Mysterio hit a flipping powebomb for a two count and he really wanted the pinfall.

Andrade hit a back elbow and Mysterio wouldn’t let him pin him. Mysterio went for another Canadian Destroyer, but Almas countered it. Then Andrade hit a moonsault but Rey moved so Almas landed on his feet and flipped over to pin Rey for a two count. “This is awesome” chants broke out again.

Then Rey hit the Canadian Destroyer again for a two count. Corey Graves put the banned move over huge. Rey went for the 6-1-9, but Andrade caught him and Rey turned it into a Crucifix Bomb for a two count.

Finally, Mysterio hit the 6-1-9 and then he climbed up to the top rope. Vega distracted the referee and Andrade knocked Rey off and he crotched himself. Then Andrade Cien Almas hit the Hammerlock DDT and won.

Winner: Andrade Cien Almas

They aired the highlights of Jimmy Uso and Mandy Rose’s whatever they’ve got going on.

Then they showed Jimmy Uso walking down a hallway and then he stood in front of a hotel room. They got there quickly

When we came back from commercial, Jimmy was still at the door. He knocked and then used his key. He walked in and Mandy was in a chair wearing a robe waiting for him.

Jimmy looked uncomfortable. Rose told Jimmy not to be shy. Mandy told him the time to play hard to get is over. Then Rose took off her robe and she was wearing lingerie. Jimmy said this needs to stop and they can’t do this.

Then someone jumped out and took a picture and ran away like the video camera in the room wasn’t proof enough. Rose asked Jimmy if he really thought she is into her.

Mandy said Naomi will never be as hot as her and when she sees the photos of her hotel room it will destroy her entire life. Yet again, there is a video camera in the room filming a live TV show. Then Jimmy said “my wife” and walked away.

Suddenly Naomi as there and beat Mandy down. Rose got on top of Naomi on the bed and clubbed down on her. Then they brawled around some more. Rose got the upper-hand and ran away. Then Jimmy ran in to check on his wife.

The Biggest Best In The World Birthday Bestie Bash

The Miz walked out and he was excited. The ring was done up in a “Happy Birthday” banner and balloons. There were two tables. One had big cakes and the other had presents. This should be fun, but first, a commercial break.

The Miz gave a rousing introduction for Shane McMahon. The Miz said “Happy Birthday” and Shane got his cheap pop in by saying the name of the city he is in (Birmingham).

The Miz showed off the two cakes. One had a dollar sign on it and the other had The Miz and Shane holding up the BITW Tropy at WWE Crown Jewel.

Then The Miz handed Shane a gift. McMahon did open it and found Air Jordan 33s. Shane loved them. Then he directed Shane’s attention to the big screen for his next gift which was a nice Shane-O Mac promo package.

Shane thanked The Miz and said he wanted to open something up personally about himself. He always dreamed about being Tag Team Champions. He wanted to be Andre The Giant’s partner, but he’s happy about The Miz as his partner. Then they hugged.

The Miz said they are going to capture the SmackDown Tag Team Titles. Then they sang Happy Birthday to Shane McMahon. WWE is going to owe some royalty money.

Then The Bar came out to interrupt them so WWE didn’t have to pay the whole royalty to the people who own that Happy Birthday song.

Sheamus said they did invite Vince to Shane’s birthday party, but he didn’t show up because he doesn’t give a damn about Shane. Shane said they’re really tough for Brogue Kicking The Miz when he’s not looking.

Then Shane challenged Sheamus and The Miz for a match. The Miz said he’s in a suit and Shane said he wasn’t dressed when he won the BITW tournament. Shane hyped up The Miz and said what he wanted for his birthday was The Miz vs Sheamus. So they booked the match between two former World Champions with ten minutes to go until the show is over… then they went to commercial.

The Miz vs Sheamus

They went to commercial so they could break down the ring from the Birthday Bash segment, but it was still very weird because they came back with seven minutes to go.

The Miz hit some punches and then Sheamus went outside. The Miz hit a dropkick through the ropes and Sheamus almost went into the table with the birthday cake on the side of the ring.

They returned very quickly and Sheamus took control. He hit a knee in the corner and Cesaro distracted the referee while Sheamus took The Miz down. The Miz went outside to stall and the referee continued to count and The Miz avoids being counted out with five minutes to go in the show.

Sheamus went for White Noise, but The Miz got out of the move. Then Sheamus locked on a submission to wrench at The Miz’s neck for a bit.

Sheamus avoided a Skull Crushing Finale and then The Miz came back with some strikes in the corner. Sheamus took a post and The Miz hit two dropkicks in the corner before Sheamus dropped him with a clothesline.

Sheamus choked The Mix over the top rope. Then Cesaro jumped up and so did Shane McMahon. Cesaro took a bump through a table with cake on it.

Then The Miz rolled up Sheamus for the win.

Winner: The Miz

Shane McMahon jumped in and stopped Sheamus. The Miz hit a Skull Crushing Finale and then they set Sheamus up for a birthday Coast To Coast which he landed while The Miz held up a cake in front of Sheamus.

There was cake everywhere and then The Miz rubbed some more cake in Sheamus’ face. Then they held up the BITW Trophy in celebration.

Happy Birthday Shane McMahon!

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