Vince McMahon has lived a very interesting life at this point in his career. He has seen a lot of places and been a part of many conversations the world might never know about. However, the upcoming biopic about McMahon entitled Pandemonium might give us a better picture. Then again, it too is likely to be greatly altered by kayfabe.

Mike Johnson opened up about the Pandemonium script on PW Insider Elite audio and he spoke about what he’s read so far. He also has a new update because another version of the script has been penned by Underdog writer Craig Williams.

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“I was told this script opens up with the words, ‘This story is as true as anything in professional wrestling.’ Which is great.”

“Obviously the idea is that the rise and fall of Vince McMahon and it was very racy and it was very foul-mouthed. Especially with Linda McMahon you would think that is not something WWE would want going forward given her position in the current administration of President Trump.”

“It was very much, there were sequences that were very much inspired by Goodfellas and very much inspired by People vs Larry Flint like these courtroom scenes where Vince is the prevaricator and selling pro wrestling being grilled by the government of course coming off the steroid trial. The big twist there in that version of the trial was during the trial Vince’s infidelities were exposed mocking his family and Vince is found not guilty there’s a scene where Vince is leaving the courthouse in a limo with them and they’re all railing against him about the terrible person he’s become to be and he’s like, ‘I know, I know,’ and then they switch the script and say that’s the making of their next great heel and that, not the Montreal Screwjob is how he became Mr. McMahon.”

“Apparently that part of it is something that has survived over multiple drafts of the script. There are a lot of people who have cameos in this like Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka, Hulk Hogan obviously Ted Turner. There’s a scene where Vince takes Linda all the way to Montreal to a French restaurant and it turns out that he really went there to scout this giant waiter who of course, is Andre The Giant. That is not how the world of pro wrestling found Andre The Giant in the United States.”

“Here’s where they stand. There is a new draft from what I’m told and it is out as of the end of last year to Vince McMahon and other WWE executives for them to give feedback on and see if they’re going in the right direction in the latest version and we will see what happens. So this could be a fascinating film.”

Johnson noted that no matter how they write the script, they’re not going to be able to get everything. There are simply too many events and people involved in his story.

It will be interesting to see how Hollywood wants to tell Mr. McMahon’s story. Apparently, the newest version of the script is going to be pretty interesting as well.

If you use our quotes credit Ringside News

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