Brandi Rhodes Clarifies What She Meant By AEW Paying Men & Women Equally

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Brandi Rhodes made a lot of people really pay attention when she said that the All Elite Wrestling women’s division will feature equal pay for men and women. A ton of female wrestlers were very excited to hear about this.

There were a couple of people taking stabs at what the Chief Brandi Officer of AEW meant. So she spelled it out for everyone when she addressed it via social media.

“Equal pay means equal opportunity regardless of sex. It does not mean that everyone will be paid the exact same salary regardless of their position. It means the gender pay gap does not apply. An entry level woman won’t make less than an entry level man because of her gender.”

All Elite Wrestling already has a very exciting roster of talent with some real upside to them. It’s good that Rhodes was able to clear up this burning question that fans had because some were under the impression that everyone would be getting paid the same which is not the case.

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