Four Indie Wrestlers Involved In Serious Car Accident

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Professional wrestlers risk a lot in the ring and traveling is never easy. Accidents can happen in the ring and on the road and sadly, we have to report that one car full of indie wrestlers didn’t make it to their destination after an event last night

The Smash Wrestling Twitter account made an announcement today that nobody wanted to hear at all. Four wrestlers were involved in a car accident last night and two of them are requiring surgery due to the collision.

“Smash Wrestling, our staff and our family as you to keep The Buffalo Brothers in your thoughts.

Last night while returning home from an event in Montreal, Puf, Kevin Bennett, Kevin Blackwood, and Daniel Garcia were involved in a car accident that sent all four men to the hospital.

Puf and Bennett were treated for minor injuries, however, both Blackwood and Garcia are undergoing surgery today to treat broken bones they’ve suffered.

Please join us in sending our brothers positive vibes and wish them a healthy and speedy recovery.”

Our thoughts are with Puf, Bennett, Blackwood, and Garcia during this time. We are also thinking about their families and friends. This can’t be an easy thing to deal with for anyone involved. Hopefully, they will be able to heal up and get back to action soon.

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