Nikki Cross Works WWE SmackDown Live Event

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Nikki Cross is one of six Superstars on their way up to the WWE main roster. We’re not sure exactly when they’re going to debut, but it could be very easy for them to show up next week.

Cross has worked on the road with the main roster before, but this is very interesting timing seeing how her main roster debut is on the way soon. She worked a SmackDown house show as well.

Nikki Cross had some great words about her appearance.

“Chaos, mischief and mayhem….oh my!!!! Naughty little Nikki running around weeeeeeeeeeeeee hahhahahahaha

Only time will tell which brand Nikki Cross will actually land on when she debuts. Either one of them will still give Nikki Cross plenty of ways to have a lot of fun. The fans in Greensboro still really enjoyed seeing Cross.

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