Mauro Ranallo Is Sickened For What Toni Storm Has Been Through Over Leaked Photos

Toni Storm was a victim of a recent slew of private photo and video leaks. This was nothing she did on purpose and she was obviously targeted due to her celebrity status. We do not condone this action and many have rallied behind Toni Storm during this time.

The #WeSupportToni trend has gone viral as more and more people continue to comment.

Mauro Ranallo is the voice of NXT and he has called many Toni Storm matches. He unleashed online saying he was sickened over what Storm is going through as he offered his continued support.

“Toni Storm is an amazing performer and more importantly, a good person. I am sickened by what she has had to endure. The harrassment and invasion of privacy in our society needs to stop. NOW! #WeSupportToni”

We also support Toni at Ringside News. Hopefully, she will remain strong and carry on through this difficult time knowing that even though she deleted her social media accounts the Internet Wrestling Community is rallying behind her.