Corey Graves Is Quick To Move On From Christmas & He Uses A Chainsaw To Do It

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Corey Graves is quick with his words and he’s also fast to take down his Christmas tree. This is why he decided to take care of his Christmas tree on December 26th. Graves knows how to take care of a tree too.

Along with a quotation reading: “I told ya’ll…I’m basically a lumberjack now,” Corey Graves posted a picture on Instagram of himself cutting up his family Christmas tree with a chainsaw on the day after Christmas. He also posted to Twitter:

.”I just cut my Christmas tree into pieces with a chainsaw. I wore flannel while doing it. I felt like a real lumberjack.

Then I sat down and drank kombucha. I think that just means I’m a hipster.”

Yes, Corey Graves is quick to move on from Christmas, but there’s nothing wrong with that. He has a busy schedule with WWE so he needs to get things going. It doesn’t change the fact that he is still a bit of a hipster though.

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