Impact Wrestling is officially moving to another channel beginning in January, as we previously reported, and now it appears the question of a potential replacement has gained some traction.
Many have held the belief that the up-and-coming AroLucha promotion will replace Impact Wrestling on Pop TV. This comes after Pop TV had commercials airing during Impact to promote the event as “coming soon.”

Mike Johnson of PWInsider revealed that, at least for now, no deal between Pop TV and AroLucha has been made- nor does it appear the two parties are in discussions for programming to be featured instead of Impact. In fact, Johnson confirmed through a source at Pop TV that it was Impact themselves that promoted the ads.
For those interested in why Impact would make the decision to air ads for another wrestling program, it is believed that Aroluxe had helped fund Impact in exchange for a percentage of the ownership. This was back in 2016 when Dixie Carter was in charge.
With Anthem buying out Impact, it is likely that Aroluxe met with the company to arrange a payment schedule which may have included the commercials as part of the deal. This, of course, was meant to lead to a television series for AroLucha, though it appears that hasn’t happened yet.
The company is continuing to hold live events and search for a network, so it is possible Pop TV does pick up AroLucha as a replacement for Impact, though we won’t know for some time- given that the tapings for AroLucha have not yet started.
Also of note is that WWE Superstar and future Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio owns a minority stake in AroLucha. While he is with WWE, he cannot perform for AroLucha, though it is possible that WWE could work with the promotion. 2018 saw WWE work with many companies around the world, and it only looks to be going up from here.
When was the last time you watched Impact Wrestling, and how have your opinions on the product changed and evolved over the year(s) of watching their programming? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

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