Buddy Murphy Doesn’t Seem Happy At All With WWE Right Now

Buddy Murphy’s 2018 was a great one. He persevered through a few obstacles and got in the best shape of his life. He was soon crowned the WWE Cruiserweight Champion in his hometown during the Australian Super Show-Down event.

However, for some reason, when WWE was giving nominations out for the “Breakout Superstar Of The Year” during their Year-End Awards, Murphy didn’t even get a nomination. So Buddy Murphy let out some frustrations on Twitter.

“Just when you thought you made a impact! Leaving it all in the ring, match after match! Having 70,000 ppl chant your name! Becoming the greatest cruiserweight champ in history! I guess I’m still the worlds #BestKeptSecret @WWE

Hopefully, there will be next year for Buddy to get a nomination for something. However, WWE missed their opportunity for Breakout Superstar because 2018 was Buddy Murphy’s year.