WWE is a very close-knit working environment and when you have so many people working like that together, you’re naturally going to see some of them couple up.
Here’s a pretty complete list of current WWE couples — Unfortunately, not all love lasts and can sometimes be over with before their on-screen storyline is over.
Here are some Superstars who weren’t together until they were placed with each other in WWE. Word of warning, a minority of these couples are still together. It just goes to show that sometimes it’s best not to date your coworkers, especially in a place like WWE
Batista & Melina
Melina and Johnny Nitro were a real-life couple in WWE behind the scenes and on screen. However, it didn’t take long for her to find another man in WWE.
Batista and Melina reportedly had a fling. While she and Nitro were able to reconcile for the short-term, this relationship did allegedly cause the end of Batista’s second marriage.
The affair was actually turned into a brief storyline on television where Melina seduced Batista to help out M&M who she was still paired up with on camera. This was an interesting move by WWE, but it obviously wasn’t out of their reach when it came to tasteful television.

John Cena & Maria Kanellis
Maria might be with her real-life husband Mike Kanellis in WWE now, but years ago an on-screen storyline caused her to get very close to John Cena.
During a feud with Edge, Cena joined forces with Kanellis to help out because Lita had the Rated R Superstar’s back. The two kissed backstage during this angle and then rumors started swarming that they started dating in real life.
They apparently didn’t date for long though if those rumors were true, but there are enough people who have referenced this brief fling that it made the list.

Charlie Hass & Jackie Gayda
Gayda was placed as a manager of Charlie Hass and Rico and their pairing started a relationship that has been very successful even after WWE.
Charlie and Jackie have been together ever since, even though they departed from the company. The couple opened a nutrition store in Texas in 2008 and have been happy ever since although the store appears to now be closed.
They have been married for years and have four children together as well. It just goes to show that sometimes you can make it work, but leaving WWE might be a very helpful piece to the puzzle

Triple H & Chyna
Triple H was paired with Chyna as members of DX and the two got to be very close over the course of the stable. They traveled together and then eventually became a couple.
One day, Vince McMahon called Triple H’s house and Chyna picked up the phone. This is when Bruce Prichard says that Vince said Triple H had “worked himself into a shoot” with the 9th Wonder Of The World.
Their breakup would be hard on Chyna, but that entry is coming later on in this list.

The Miz & Maryse
The It Couple first met on screen as The Miz hosted the 2006 Divas Search where Maryse was a contestant. The two were paired together again later on and their relationship continued even after Maryse left the company in 2011.
Maryse is now back in the WWE Universe and they have a reality television show called Miz & Mrs which focuses on their happy home life as they raise their daughter with Maryse’s very French mother always around.
Maryse is likely to show up in her husband’s WWE storylines in the future, but for now, she’s happy being a mom to Monroe Sky Mizanin at home.

John Cena & Mickie James
In 2007, Cena and Mickie James were romantically connected as they spent several angles on screen together  James was actually engaged to Spirit Squad member Kenny Dykstra at the time as well so that made it even more complicated.
Kenny was soon released after Cena and James’ relationship was made public. This is something he still might have a bone to pick about with WWE.
Cena and James weren’t a couple for long and John actually married his first wife (and only wife so far) in 2009. Their relationship was still enough to cause a rift between Kenny and WWE and rifts are never good.

Triple H & Stephan McMahon
Surprisingly, when Triple H drugged Stephanie McMahon and married her out from under Test, they were not romantically involved behind the scenes. It didn’t take long for that to change though.
As Stephanie McMahon visited Triple H in the hospital following his injury, the two got to be very close. Eventually, they were a full-fledged couple in spite of the fact that Triple H was still with Chyna at the time.
Chyna did not take this news well and you can read about that here.
Of course, the controversial start to their relationship didn’t hinder Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s love at all. The two were married not too soon afterward in an extremely secure ceremony.
Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are still together and look to be the ones in charge of WWE for years to come if and when Vince McMahon ever steps down from his current Chairman position.

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