Real Life WWE Couples That Resulted From Television Storylines

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WWE is a very close-knit working environment and when you have so many people working like that together, you’re naturally going to see some of them couple up.

Here’s a pretty complete list of current WWE couples — Unfortunately, not all love lasts and can sometimes be over with before their on-screen storyline is over.

Here are some Superstars who weren’t together until they were placed with each other in WWE. Word of warning, a minority of these couples are still together. It just goes to show that sometimes it’s best not to date your coworkers, especially in a place like WWE

Batista & Melina

Melina and Johnny Nitro were a real-life couple in WWE behind the scenes and on screen. However, it didn’t take long for her to find another man in WWE.

Batista and Melina reportedly had a fling. While she and Nitro were able to reconcile for the short-term, this relationship did allegedly cause the end of Batista’s second marriage.

The affair was actually turned into a brief storyline on television where Melina seduced Batista to help out M&M who she was still paired up with on camera. This was an interesting move by WWE, but it obviously wasn’t out of their reach when it came to tasteful television.

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