WWE is taking over the world and cementing themselves on a mountaintop they already occupied. This means branching out into the United Kingdom in a big way. WWE recently signed their UK Superstars to new deals that were much more restrictive and caused some issues with the UK wrestling scene.
NXT UK Superstars are no longer allowed to be on any show WWE doesn’t approve of. If they are allowed to wrestle, it must be ok’ed by Vince McMahon’s company first and their matches can’t be on any kind of broadcast. An EMT must also be present as well as other specifics.
Dave Meltzer explained on Wrestling Observer Radio.

“The thing is that Triple H has a long-term goal, It’ll be Vince, but in a modern way and the modern way is, you know Vince’s way was putting everyone out of business and then Triple H’s modern way is putting everyone out of business, perhaps.”

It was noted how Triple H’s territory system he’s setting up in the UK has taken top stars from the UK indie scene. This could go on to hurt smaller companies, even if Superstars own and operate those companies as is the case with Trent Seven and Pete Dunne who both run promotions.
Meltzer explained that Vince McMahon failed in his first mission to be the only game in town and new companies started popping up. Therefore, the only answer was to run more shows and sign more talent to essentially perform a second raid on the world’s territory system.

“The key is to charge more money for ticket prices [to indie shows]. Because before if you had 1,000 people and your average ticket price was five or six bucks it’s pretty hard to build. Now when you can get the average ticket price to twenty you can run a business. You can do successful shows. So now because of that, companies have come and I think that they don’t want viable successful companies out there.”

The option WWE has is to either cooperate with the companies or run them out of business. The idea is to shut out the talent that those companies would need in order to be considered successful.
This is an illustration of what is going on the UK scene, but it is also true in a lot of ways in the US as well. Twitter is full of companies announcing that talents will not be able to perform at their advertised events every time WWE signs a new crop of Superstars.
WWE has their eyes on the world and that’s not changing. Only time will tell if fans will flock to one location an find another viable option. If WWE can help themselves, there is no chance of that happening anytime soon.
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