Velveteen Dream Responds To Reports Of Backstage Heat In WWE NXT

Velveteen Dream is a Superstar who is incredibly over in WWE NXT with the fans. His mouth and brazen antics might get him in a bit of trouble every now and then though.

He wrote “Call Me Vince” on the back of his tights before. Then he called for the WWE Universe to spam WWE’s social media accounts so he would get a main roster call-up. If you thought deleting tweets was Lars Sullivan’s new gimmick then Velveteen Dream might give him a run for his money. Because he deleted that call for spamming WWE very quickly.

There were reports of backstage heat. Now he has a reply to that as well. Apparently, he’s untouchable.

“They Love Me. Won’t Be Going




So there you go. Velveteen Dream doesn’t care about something like keeping his job because there is no way he’s going to lose it. Velveteen Dream is going to be very fun to watch if and when he makes it to the main roster.

Written by Felix Upton

Boom goes the dynamite!

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